Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enjoy your Labor Day with Fresh Seafood From Seafood Atlantic

Grilling Seafood is Easy! 
 Our Seafood Atlantic Market is filled with the Freshest Seafood you can get! 
From Our Fishermen to your Table.  Our friendly Staff is happy to tell you the best way to cook your seafood.  For a complete selection please see our website at
Photo contributed by Traci C.
 Thank you Traci!
Have A Happy Labor Day Weekend!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Seafood Atlantic Restaurant Cape Canaveral Best Seafood On Vacation!

The Following Review of Seafood Atlantic Restaurant 
is contributed from NM Pogo 

Wonderful lunch and the best seafood on our whole vacation. I thought we would return to the desert with the same kind of seafood we can get here when finally we had some absolutely outstanding food. Even with the rain the atmosphere was great because there were dolphins playing in the port. I just wish I lived close enough to go more often.
It was a grand finale to our vacation!
Salmon Salad Photo Contributed by Kate F.
Big Thank you to NM Pogo & Kate F.!
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seafood Atlantic Review Contributed by Vanessa T

The Following Review of Seafood Atlantic Restaurant and Sword Fish Kabobs 

Review Contributed from Vanessa T.  Thank you Vanessa!

Amazingly good food! I am a total fan. 
The raw oysters were big and perfect. The fish kabobs with swordfish is SO 
GOOD!!!!! I can't rave about this place anymore. Great atmosphere and very friendly staff. I looked around at a couple's huge bucket of crabs and those might be my next pick. I got some fresh grouper and swordfish to go in the market and can't wait to cook it up this weekend. 

I am taking anyone who comes in town to visit here from now on.

Until next time Seafood Atlantic
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seafood Atlantic Featured Review by Kate F.

The Following Review and photo have been contributed by
 Kate F. of Cape Canaveral Florida.  
Thank you Kate!

Having grown up in Cape Canaveral, I am no stranger to fresh seafood. It doesn't get any fresher than Seafood Atlantic.

I try to go once per week for lunch and typically opt to sit at the high top closest to the water's edge. Given how hot it has been and that this spot isn't shaded, it is usually available. You can watch the fishermen unload their boats as the pelicans linger and hope to be thrown a bait fish or two. Even better, I have witnessed dolphins playing upon every visit and have also seen sea turtles and manatees on occasion. That's 1/2 the reason I come here. 

The other reason...the food! Freshest, best quality seafood around. One of the few places that actually serves true Grouper. As a sandwich, the roll is sweet and the fish extremely fresh and succulent. No "fishy" taste whatsoever. Another favorite is the tuna melt made from fresh tuna on toasted bakery bread with cheese melted on both sides. The best around! They also usually have several types of shrimp...Canaveral Reds or Whites are both great starter items served steamed with Old Bay. 

What sets this place apart? It is a seafood market that both caters to locals and serves as a distributor that decided utilize its outdoor space for dining purposes. Fresh, fresh, fresh! This place is the real deal and must not be missed if you love fresh fish.
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Until Next Time Seafood Atlantic

Seafood Atlantic Restaurant Voted Top 10 Cape Canaveral

Seafood Atlantic Restaurant is honored to be voted in the top ten Restaurants in Cape Canaveral.

USA Today Quote
"The people who operate Seafood Atlantic (, really know their seafood, being first and foremost a collection of fishermen with many years of experience in the Florida waters. In addition to being a restaurant, this establishment sells seafood on the retail market to other restaurants, grocery stores and the like. The seating here is all outside, and the menu is whatever was brought in that day, prepared to perfection."

Thank you USA Today!
View From Seafood Atlantic Restaurant Dolphins at Play
Submitted by Kate F.  Thank you Kate!

Until Next Time Seafood Atlantic Restaurant, Seafood Market and Wholesale
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